What’s your dream vintage guitar?

It’s no secret that vintage guitars are coveted for their feel and look as much as their sound – but the classics are priced beyond most players’ reach.

Here at Chicago Fret Works we can simulate the look and feel of those classic vintage instruments at a fraction of the cost.

We take this very seriously

This is not dragging your guitar through the alley, rubbing some dirt on it, and calling it a relic.

This is a detailed simulation of the aging process by professionals who have studied and documented the actual aging of actual vintage guitars.

We can create a custom instrument from scratch with licensed parts, add wear to your existing guitar, or fully convert a guitar to vintage specs with authentic parts and finish.

You can have that vintage vibe without going broke.

Keith Richards telecaster copy

Rare, Medium, or Well Done?

Should it look like it’s spent the last 50 years touring smoky bars across the country or nestled softly in a case under grandma’s bed? Let us know and we’ll do all the intricate details by hand: from checking lines in the finish to the worn hardware to the cigarette burn mark on the headstock.

Vintage Guitar Restorations

These same techniques can be applied to actual vintage pieces that have had substantial repairs. When a vintage guitar comes in with a broken headstock, or even if its headstock is completely missing, we’ll blend the repair in with the original finish to make it look like it never happened.

“Outstanding job. I am impressed. So many details and simulated layers of age. It has surpassed even my highest expectation. The only problem is I can’t stop looking at it, checking out all the little details – I notice something new every time I play it! Thank you for giving me the closest thing I will ever have to a ’57 Standard.”


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