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This is such a cool guitar.  It’s always fun to restore a family treasure like this.

Wishbass National 016

This short-scale National Model 1122 Cosmopolitan has been in the owner’s family for a long time.  He remembers his dad playing it for the family when he was a kid. It had a few odd part replacements through the years and our mission was to find replacements that made it 1. playable again and 2. looking at least close to the way it used to. We should have taken some ‘before’ photos, but among the pieces we had to find were:

National 1122 Restoration

A Daka-Ware bakelite control knob…

National 1122 Cosmopolitan

…a bakelite ‘chicken head’ knob and 3 way rotary switch to replace a modern togle style switch that was installed at some point…

National 1122 Cosmopolitan

…a new set of Kluson no-line tuners to replace a funky replacement set…

national pickup rewind

…and finally, to repair the original non-functioning bridge pickup that uses a paper bobbin. Wow! Thanks to our friend Josh Gravelin for doing a great job rewinding a very unusual vintage pickup.

National Pickup n Wishbass 007

Once we put it all back together, it really sang out beautifully.  And it looks the way it did in dad’s hands years ago. This is one of those projects that demonstrates how personal musical instruments can be – they bring back memories in a way that lots of other possessions can’t. It’s always fun being part of a family reunion.

National 1122 Cosmopolitan