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First repair blog in a long time! This one was just too juicy to not write about. We brought a vintage Jazzmaster back to what it should look like after all these years.

Vintage Fender Jazzmaster Refinish

There was a time when lots of folks were stripping the finish off their 50’s and 60’s Fender guitars – some thinking that they preferred the look of natural wood grain to solid colors, others thinking that the paint itself was kept guitar’s best sounds from shining through. This Jazzmaster was one of those guitars. And while it had a rough go of it, enough evidence was left behind for us to completely restore it to what its original finish would look like today. Most notably, the de-finisher left the neck – with matching Olympic White headstock – completely alone.

The original headstock finish gave us a road map for what the body should look like. But vintage guitar lovers know that the original clear top finish was nitrocellulose lacquer which tends to age over time from the sun’s ultra-violet rays – turning white to creamy yellow, blues to turquoise or green shades, and bright reds to richer wine-colored tones. The finish that hides under hardware and pickguards often retains the original color, unblemished by the sun. The owner asked if we could recreate this effect – using the remnants of original white left in the tailpiece and electronic cavities.
Vintage Fender Jazzmaster Refin

Here’s the guitar as it arrived, with original finish removed.¬†Our first task was to smooth the rough edges and corners that were left when the finish was stripped.

Vintage Fender Jazzmaster Refinish

We can’t put wood back that has been removed but we can sand what’s left to more accurate contours.

Jazzmaster Refin

As you see above, the neck pocket as well as the electronic cavities were never stripped of the original finish. And because they were hidden beneath the pickguard and other parts, the finish beneath didn’t age and yellow the way the headstock did. We used the whitest area as the model for our base color coat and we’ll leave that color below the pickguard (simulated by paper tracings) for a more authentic vintage appearance.

Jazzmaster Refinish Restoration

Jazzmaster Body Refin

Next we re-leveled the rosewood fretboard and installed all new frets.

Jazzmaster Refin


Then, of course we distress and relic the finish before reassembling. With the original pickguard and hardware installed, this incredible guitar looks like it would have had nobody ever removed that original finish. It was hard to send this one home!

refinished Olympic White Fender Jazzmaster


Restored Fender Jazzmaster

Vintage Fender Jazzmaster Restoration